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Blog StatisticsDo you monitor your blog statistics? In the past, I don’t really do that because of one simple reason – I blog for fun, not for money. It doesn’t matter how many people visits my blog.

After I migrated to WordPress, I get free tracking tools from my web hosting. From there, I learn about the statistics. I start to track the number of visitors to my blog, analyze the traffic and gauge my blog performance.

Surprisingly, this can be quite interesting!

Let me share with you some of the useful numbers that we can get from these trackers:

1. Page views
– This is the number of times a page is loaded in our visitors’ browsers.
– Every time a complete page displays, it is counted as one page view, even when a visitor just refreshes the page.

2. Unique visitors
– This is a count of how many different visitors that visit our blog.
– If a visitor visits our blog ten times during a measurement period, that person is counted as one unique visitor.
– It is determined by the number of unique IP addresses, but it can never be 100% accurate.

3. New visitors
– This is the number of brand new visitors, arriving at our blog for the first time.

4. Days of the week
– We can get information like which day has the most or the least traffic etc.
– If we wish to publish any critical information, we should publish it on the day with the most traffic.

5. Navigation paths
– This is the sequence of pages that a visitor viewed from the moment he enters our blog to the moment he leave.

I hope all these terms don’t confuse you. There are more, but I don’t want to list them all here, otherwise you’ll fall asleep.

Sometimes, these individual numbers may be meaningless. But when you blend them together, you will get a clear picture of what’s happening behind the scenes of your blog.

It’s pretty amazing! 🙂


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