Preschool Education

Edison goes to schoolBeing a first-time mother is always nerve wrecking, especially when it comes to new things that we are not aware of.

Recently, there are so much talks in the forum about picking a kindergarten, nursery or childcare for their children. This makes me nervous again. I can’t even tell what the differences between kindergarten, nursery or childcare are.

Some of the parents have enrolled their 18 months toddlers into playgroups. Some of them have started visiting kindergarten and  pre-nursery with plans to register their toddlers for Jan 2010 intake.

I don’t have a plan yet! Should I find him a playgroup? What is best option for little Edison? Deep in my heart, I would prefer to let him enjoy his childhood with his grandparents.

On the flip side, I don’t want him to miss out any preschool learning opportunities. From what I understand, today’s children are expected to possess basic skills like color identification, numbers and alphabets by the time they start kindergarten.

That is why parents are so eager to enroll their children in childcare / pre-nursery with hope that their children will acquire the necessary skills for a head-start advantage.

I think I need to do a little bit of research and start making plans for little Edison. I’m going to write more on this topic, so please stay tuned!

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Hi, i have started as well 🙂 will try to finalise his enrolment for next year in a wk’s time.

I know what you mean, the terms are “confusing” and used interchangeably! i am sending him to 1/2 day AM at Pat’s schoolhouse. It’s pre-nursery, and also called childcare since it qualifies for working mum’s subsidy.

It’s really stressful, my girl is only 7 months and we have already booked her a place at SJCK, pre-nursery when she is 3YO. Abit kiasu I know but it was already half full when we booked last Nov.