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Preserve the Childhood Memories

edison-east-coastChildhood is all too fleeting. Before we realize it, our children have started school. Years fly past one after another. When we try to recall something cute or funny about their childhood, our memories often fail us. That adorable instance is gone forever.

I believe that it is so important to capture our children’s growth at each stage of their development with photos. These photos not only give us a glimpse into the past, but they also tell us how much our children have grown since that moment in time.

Most importantly, when our children love back at their photos, they will be able to relive that moment and feel the love and warmth that surrounded them. Childhood only comes once, and how can we make the memories of it last a lifetime?

Diary or Blog
This is one of the best methods that we can use to preserve the memories. Write about something wonderful that has happened before it is completely forgotten.

Always keep a camera handy. Be ready to take a picture whenever our children do something crazy, funny or incredibly naughty.

Album or Digital Scrapbook
Print out the photos, organize them and keep them in albums. Or simply, create a digital scrapbook, print and bind it anyway we desire. Most importantly, include snippets of information beside the pictures.

Every moment we spend with our children is precious. So, why don’t we put a little effort to preserve the memories that we will cherish for a lifetime? 🙂


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