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Shorter Work Week = More Balanced Work-Life

Work Less OR No Work?Would you rather work less or lose your job? Given these options, I believe most of us will choose the former over the latter.

Many companies in Singapore have implemented a shorter work week as cost-cutting measure to cope with the economic slowdown. My company has implemented it since Feb 09.

I will continue to enjoy the 4 days workweek this month. I expect it to continue till mid of this year. Shorter work week, however, translates into lesser income. But I’m willing to part with ~10% of my income for a more balanced work-life for myself. I can relish the extra time to spend with my husband and son.

Earlier this month, my company has aggressively cut 850 jobs worldwide. I count myself lucky to have escaped the job axe, at least for now. It is very depressing to leave a company in this manner.

Last week, the leading foundry chipmaker TSMC has announced that they will end their mandatory unpaid leave policy with effect from April 1. Is this a positive sign that the chip industry outlook is improving?

Anyway, it is still too early to make a prediction. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this 4 days workweek while it lasts. Cheers! 🙂

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