Weekend Mornings

Weekend mornings

After waking up and taking his quick breakfast, here is where you’ll find little Edison in the weekend mornings. He likes to sit on the bench, next to the swimming pool, and watch the kids splash with delight.

Such a scene can make him smile so much. That’s what I call simple joy in life.ย 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Mornings

  1. Does he fuss about going for a dip as well? Missy does that… we cant get her near the pool without getting wet.
    Edison so guai, can sit and watch.

    1. In the morning, the water is quite cold.. so he is fine with just sitting there and watch.. In the evening, if the weather is good, we will allow him to go for a dip…

      Every Saturday, there are lots of children learning swimming in the pool.. he enjoys watching them…

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