Adult food, please!

Adult food, please...

His preference for food changes rapidly. Last month, he insisted in eating baby cereal and I surrendered. Now, he turns his nose up at his favorite cereal and oatmeal. He wants to eat adult food.

I allowed him to make his food choice. Over the weekend, he ate what I ate, but in smaller portion. Instant noodle, ban mian, coffee, French fries, Mc Wings, ice-cream etc. He was a happy boy.

Ok dear, what’s next? *Wondering why little Edison looks like Malay boy in this picture?*

2 thoughts on “Adult food, please!

  1. “We are what we eat”, something I have heard mom recited since I was a boy.

    Little Edison’s craving for adult food symbolises his willingness to adapt to changes in this everchaging landscape.

    In favour of laying his hands on different food signifies his hunger to try out challenges. Asking for a sip of what we are drinking reveals his cradle born instinct of inquisitiveness and curiosity.

    We have heard that at Workplace, its not what we know, but who we know.

    In Growing Up, its not who they are, but what shapes them.

    Edison reveals natural instincts. Strong survival instincts.

    Edison has also grown up to be a handsome little boy with deep eye lashes and flourishing brows that sings deep Asian values.

    Deep Values. Truely Asia.

    1. Someone ever asked me if our Little Edison is a Peranakan boy. I nearly fell off my chair… Anyway, I think she must have watched too much Little Nyonya OR having eye sight problem…. haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

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