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Baby-Child Milestones: 2 to 2.5 years old

When I checked my mailbox this morning, I received a baby-child milestones checklist from MumCentre. It is actually meant for a 2 to 2.5 years old toddler; Little Edison isn’t there yet.

Anyway, let’s see how he fares in this milestone checklist:

edison drinks from a cup 

Physically and mentally
• Brushes teeth – Nope, he still needs help
• Feeds himself – Nope, I still don’t allow him to self-feed. Can’t stand the mess!
• Plays easily with smaller toys e.g. stack small blocks more neatly – Yes! He can stack and sort by himself.
• Walks, hops and runs proficiently – Yes! He climbs everywhere too.
• Throws ball more confidently – Yes!

Language and emotions
• Names major body parts e.g. head, eyes, nose – Yes. He knows all these – eyes, hair, nose, mouth, head, neck, hand, finger, foot, leg, toes and tummy.
• Constructs two-word sentences – Nope. He doesn’t talk much yet.
• Prone to temper-tantrums and upsets as the world at large still seems a little strange – Oh yes, he throws tantrums for many reasons – some big, some small, some funny!
• Expresses discomfort with wet diaper – Not really, because he is mostly diaper-less.
• Knows words for urine and bowel movements e.g. “wee-wee” or “poo-poo” – Yes, he will tell us when he wants to “wee-wee”. For “poo-poo”, we normally get the cues from his facial expressions.

At this age, children sleep for about 12 to 14 hours a day, usually taking only one afternoon nap. – Little Edison is a great sleeper. He sleeps 10-11 hours through the night and 2 hours of afternoon nap.

Ideal toys for this age
• Stacking and sorting toys
• Role-play toys e.g. toy kitchen, doll house, tool bench
• Plush toys
• Basic counting, alphabet and shape-matching toys
Yes, he has all these toys.

Useful tips
Your child is becoming increasingly mobile and independent. This is a perfect time to get your parents or in-laws to help while you have a well-deserved date with your partner!
Date with partner? Nope! I still prefer to be with my little Edison. 🙂

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Penny April 7, 2009 at 11:46 PM

You’re so lucky that Edison is a great sleeper and even takes 2-hour naps in the day. I also agree with you, I would prefer the cute son to having a date with the partner. Hahaha.

Emily April 8, 2009 at 9:26 AM

It’s time for me to take a break when he is asleep… Yeah, I’m glad that he sleeps through the night… I get my beauty sleep once again, thank God! 🙂


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