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Beautifully Imperfect

thinkfamilyWhen I saw this TV commercial from, I was deeply touched. I watched it over and over again last night, and I almost wanted to cry. I was thinking, “Who could have produced such a meaningful and touching ad?”

It shows a woman giving a eulogy at her late husband’s funeral. She shared her font memories of her husband in a very unique way; it’s about how her husband snores and break wind in the morning. For a start, it is pretty amusing.

But deep inside her message is how these little imperfections make him a perfect husband (to her) and the memories of him will live on forever. She hopes that her children will find a life partner in future, who will be as beautifully imperfect as their father.

Well, is there such a thing as a perfect husband? Some would dare to say yes. My short answer is NO. The perfection in marriage is to allow and accept the imperfections in our spouse. If we can do this, we are pretty close to being a perfect spouse.

I have friends who are married and they always have something to complain about their spouse. I do too, don’t get me wrong. But none of my husband’s annoying quirks keep me up at night thinking, “Do I really want to be nagging him for the rest of my life?” The truth is, yes! I want to spend the rest of my life nagging him rather than not having him around at all. I may sound like a naggy and irritating wife, but my point is a person’s flaws can become rather endearing after a while.

Look at me for example. I am impatient. I can’t cook. I am a clean-freak. I am blunt. I am quiet. I had these flaws when I married, and I still have them today. My husband knows about my shortcomings, but he never attempt to change me. My husband, on the other hand, has a short temper, likes loud music and quite untidy at times. He can spend the whole night talking too.

A clean freak wife + an untidy husband = first disaster!

A quiet wife + a talkative husband = second disaster!

The list goes on.

Seriously, with all these imperfections, how do we have a perfect marriage? Instead of focusing on each other’s shortcomings, we acknowledge them and move on with a set of rules and understandings. We accepted them in the name of our marriage commitment with no intentions of breaking.

This is the foundation of our marriage – something that we built for years with love, respect, happiness, fun and too many beautiful moments to count on.

To my beautifully imperfect husband, I love you, always and forever!

This TV commercial is available in YouTube and website. Take a little time to watch it if you haven’t. 


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her eulogy touched me to core as well. i have more shortcomings than hubby and really thankful to hv such great person to share my life with.

Saw the ad, it was real heartwarming..thanks for sharing!


This beautiful advert was directed by late Yasmin Ahmad (one of malaysian director). If I m not wrong, she also directed an advert which was between a single parent(father) & his daughter. I have to salute Yasmin for her strong, bold and creative direction in filming. She is one of those whom had courage to send strong message to public eye. If you are interested to see what I meant, you can watch her film eg:”sepet”” & “mualaf”. (there’s more but I cannot remember. These films are in malay but I’,m sure there are english subtitle. But so sad, recently… Read more »