Crocs – They’re Everywhere

Love them or hate them, Crocs are everywhere from shopping malls to parks and to schools across Singapore. Available in a wide array of designs and funky colours, Crocs are probably our children’s favourite footwear.

I couldn’t understand for months why these rubbery-looking shoes can become so popular. The first time I saw someone wearing a pair of Crocs in public was nearly two years ago. I had no idea what they were. She wore a skirt with a pair of black Crocs (probably fake Crocs), it was horrid!

After this incident, I saw these bright-coloured rubbery-looking shoes covering the feet of strangers everywhere on the street. Today, Crocs have taken the footwear market by storm with 50 million pairs sold last year. Isn’t it amazing?

Tiger Pelican

Last year, I bought my first pair of Crocs for little Edison. It’s an orange colour Disney Tiger Pelican design with 2 tiger shoe charms, costs me $60+. Cute and light-weight, they have a unique shape and thin sole that mimics a bare foot sensation. Little Edison loves them.


Now, I’ve spotted another new design, called Trailbreak Kids. This sports sandal is perfect for the adventurous and active toddler. I couldn’t resist but to order a pair for little Edison.

Despite its popularity, there have also been media reports about Crocs-wearing kids getting their toes caught in escalators in shopping malls. I cannot imagine how this can happen. Children should always be monitored for their safety when they are taking escalators. Wearing sandals and flip-flops can also impose a potential danger if the children are playing on the escalator.

“So, are Crocs really safe?” It’s a YES and NO for me.

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the friction is sometimes too good that Darius often trips himself. same case, YES and No on safety for us.



I always feel crocs shoes look kinda fake as it’s all rubbery look and very clumsy as it’s big and all.

So, it’s a no no for me. wont consider buying for my lil missy. It wont be comfortable to wear something that’s so rubbery than wearing a leather shoes right ? tt’s how i feel but my mum who is wearing crocs said it’s not bad..and my friend who bought crocs for her toddler said it’s non slippery esp for outdoor.

so, i guess it depends. im still prefer something more solid like leather or canvas.