Dealing with Toddler Tantrum


I couldn’t understand why he likes to throw tantrums nowadays. From a cheerful personality, in just an instance, he could change into a totally different person. Could it be because he is going through a new phase in his life? Or could it be because he couldn’t understand the reason why we had to say ‘no’ to his request?

How should we handle our toddlers’ tantrums? From the many articles that I’ve read, it seems like to BEST method is DISTRACTION. We can try to distract them when they throw tantrums.

This is what happened when I used the distraction method…

Little Edison insisted on going to the playground when the sun was burning hot. He took his pair of sandals and made a fuss at the doorstep when I said ‘no’ to him. I distracted him by telling him that I’m going to the kitchen to eat some chocolates. Miraculously, it worked!

However, offering another alternative may also cause another tantrum from him (if I decided not to share with him my chocolates). Bottom line, not all distractions will bring positive results.

Once they calm down, we can try to reason out and explain to them why we had to say ‘no’ to them.

Most importantly, we need to have our emotions in control at all times. Be firm and consistent. Always stay calm and be sensitive to our toddler’s changing mood.

I have all these notes encrypted in my mind now. Deep inside my heart, I know that all he wants is just my undivided attention and love.

I want to share with you this interesting website about solving some of the common toddler behavior problems. Click HERE to view it. I hope you can find some handy tips from this website.


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Huey Ling

My boy already know how to throw tantrums and scream now. If he is not happy he will scream, but he will also scream when he is happy. Guess he thought that is his new found ability. 😀
When he can’t get the things he wants, he will make alot of noise…