DIY Flashcards #12: Types of Vehicles



Title: Types of Vehicles
1. Car
2. Bus
3. Taxi
4. Lorry
5. Monorail
6. Train
7. Motorbike
8. Bicycle
9. Ambulance
10. Aeroplane
11. Helicopter
12. Cable Car

Click HERE to download them. Enjoy!

[4 Nov 09] Update: Download URL updated.

5 thoughts on “DIY Flashcards #12: Types of Vehicles

  1. Hi,

    Just checking. where did you get your blanck flash cards (A5) ? From popular or from Tensai ? I read from forum, Tensai cards are dearer ? But heard also tensai cards have better quality.

    I attended the Home Practise session yest, It is adviseable to flash 200 cards per day . * WOW * with 10 cards in each set.

    We do not repeat the Themes in a month’s time, but we can reuse the cards to create new themes.

    So by now, you should have thousands of cards ?


    1. Hi Mico,
      I bought the blank flash cards from a paper supplier. The details is in this post:

      However, they sell in a bigger qty. You can also try the blank flash cards from Popular. I heard that they are good too. But from Tensai shop, they are more expensive.

      I have thousands of cards now. I do repeat the cards in a weekly basis, otherwise, I don’t have enough cards. I do ~200 cards per day.

    1. Hi Jesslyn,
      I’m not sure about that. I never buy any blank flash cards from Popular before.

  2. Hi, Emily,
    I love all your flash cards! My kid 13 mths+ and wanna to make some DIY flash cards for him. Can you please email the files to me? Thx.

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