Food Strike

Little Edison eating his Happy Meal

Since last weekend, little Edison turns his nose up at food and refuses to eat much of anything, including some of his favorite foods. Where did his appetite go?

This sudden lost of appetite puzzles me and makes everyone at home worried about him. We tried all kinds of food and feeding methods, but to no avail. Whenever he feels pressurized to eat, he will cry badly.

I hope that it is just temporary. But, one week has passed and he is still not eating. He only drinks about 450ml of milk a day without any solid food.

I was worried sick about his condition. I suspect that it may be caused by sore throat or the 1st booster vaccination that he has taken a day before his food strike. So, I sent him to a pediatrician.

Besides the loss of appetite and grumpiness, he is as active and as alert as an Energizer Bunny. After an examination, the pediatrician concluded that his loss of appetite is caused by the 1st booster vaccination. It may take up to a week or more for his appetite to recover.

In order to speed up the process, the pediatrician prescribed Appelin B12 syrup to stimulate his appetite. He takes the syrup twice today and there is a slight improvement to his appetite. At least, he eats something for dinner tonight. I’m a happy mummy.

We have our dinner at McDonald today. He gets a Happy Meal for himself, comes with a lovely Cinnamoroll toy. He is happily munching away on chicken nuggets and French fries; and sipping his apple juice.

I’m so delighted to see him eating again. No words can describe it. I just hope that it will get even better this week.


5 thoughts on “Food Strike

  1. great to hear that the cause has been identified. looking at this pic of him, he has indeed lost some of his baby fats. can imagine hw heart pain you are…
    i’m sure his appetite will surge up in no time. hang in there…

  2. Glad to see tat Edison’s appetite is slowly coming back. Can see how worried u are & lucky u brought him to see pd & find out the cause of it.

    1. Hi Sam & Irene,
      Yes, he lost some of his baby fats and a slight drop in his weight too… at least the cause of it has been determined, I’m less worried now… hopefully he will slowly regain his appetite this week… although there is no big improvement last weekend..

      Hi Jennie,
      Yup, we bought him to Dr. Oh last Friday… She is a great pediatrician… Waiting time was approx 15mins.. During the wait, we went up to the playroom.. Wow, it was impressive.. Most importantly, Dr Oh is very caring and patient…

      ~ Thanks everyone for your concern. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~

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