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Grocery shopping – Now and Then

When I was a single, grocery shopping was one of my monthly routine. I never hit the supermarket more than once a month. Being single means shopping for one and meals for one. I don’t cook my meals, except for instant noodles.

Going to the supermarket alone can be daunting. One kg of rice can last me a lifetime. I want an egg, but they sell them in a pack. A bottle of blueberry jam takes me two whole months to consume. I hate it!

When I was dating my husband, grocery shopping was our favorite pastime. It is amazing how shopping for two can take ages. My husband likes to cook a sumptuous dinner, although there are only two of us. We had ice-cream and junk food party at night, with the calories all forgotten.

Now that I’m married with a toddler in tow, grocery shopping can be a nightmare. My husband is highly organized when it comes to grocery shopping. He has a shopping list on-hand; he chooses the best offer items; he collects bonus points, free gifts or lucky draws and he even read the nutritional labels. Arghh!

I, on the other hand, am a lousy shopper. I’ll grab whatever I want, plonk the groceries into the shopping trolley and head straight to the cashier. I don’t even bother to collect points or fill-up any lucky draw forms.

Little Edison has limited patience too. He will fuss if we take more than half an hour in the supermarket. To minimize his fussing, I turn a mundane trip to the supermarket into an educational activity for him. As we wheel along the shopping trolley, I point out the colorful array of fruits and vegetables to him. I will tell him the names of the items and let him feel them.

Fairprice Extra has the best shopping trolley in Singapore. The trolley has a children’s car attached at the front. Look at little Edison, he is so happy riding the car! Have you seen this type of shopping trolley anywhere else besides Fairprice Extra?

Anyway, this is how I balance out my meticulous shopper husband and my super impatient son.

Edison on Shopping Cart

 So happy!


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The trolley with the car very “hotcake” one leh..
Very difficult to get one.. Must snatch too.. haha..

I yet to have a chance to get hold of the trolley cum car.. so sad..


yes yes… SUPER hot indeed hence I chose to ‘ignore’ their existence. worried that they will ask for it each time after that one go. I juz put the kids on the trolley instead. So far so good. **fingers crossed!