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My New Challenge – The Terrible Twos

Crying EdisonMy sweet little baby has changed. He now says “no” to almost all my requests. He hits. He bites. He throws tantrum. He screams. I guess I’ve stepped into another stage of development called the Terrible Twos.

Terrible twos – this phrase can send shivers down our spines. Just hearing these two words can bring flashbacks of toddlers screaming and throwing tantrums to parents who have experienced them before.

I’m feeling completely lost and clueless now. He drives me up the wall over and over again. I lost my calmness and I spanked him twice this week. As a result, he wailed even louder.

Phew! I need to relax and rediscover the joy of parenting.

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it is indeed tricky to handle this situation. take a deep breathe. i find it easily to tackle when we can control out emotions/temper. when we get angry, the child tend to cry more. at the moment, reasoning and offering alternatives help in the case for maegan. is edison eating well? i saw ur note in my blog.


does he has his meals on his own or with you guys on the same dining table? we used to serve maegan her meals an hour before ours. now we take the same table, found it helpful in improving her interest in food.


i can fully understd. “fighting” with a child on food strike… TOUGH!!
hw abt new recipes? chunkier food option? maegan tend to refuse soft food now, she prefer to chew more now.
Hope its just a passing phase for Edison.


I guess it’s just a phrase only so dun worry too much. Jerald was on food strike some time ago. He tends to puke out his food & play some more. He prefer his milk & can ask u for more even though he just drank not long ago…



It’s the same for my lil missy(19 months old). she refuses solid. but she loves her milk. but we still try to get her to eat more solid(rice/porride/noddles). really headache when come to feeding her. got to chase her sometimes.

I think it’s one of the stages we have to go through cos most toddler of this age seems to behave similarly. But of course, there are some very cooperative eat anything the care giver gives.

Just bear with it, i guess.