No more jabs this year!

vaccineImmunizations are a vital part of childcare. It is one of the greatest gifts that we (as a parent) can give to our children – an assurance that they won’t succumb to childhood diseases that used to carry a high mortality rate.

To-date, Little Edison has taken 10 jabs (including 2 jabs at birth). I’m glad that he has taken all his compulsory jabs now. His next compulsory jab will be 6 – 7 years old. I can finally heave a sigh of relief.

It’s so heart-wrenching to see him crying every time the needle pierced through his delicate skin. How I wish that there is a needle-free and painless vaccination system in Singapore!

Our wallets feel the ‘pain’ too. It’s amazing how these jabs can cost us a bomb! I didn’t realize that I’ve paid over $1000+ for these vaccinations.ย 


5 thoughts on “No more jabs this year!

  1. Shawn has got thick skin. He has not cried a drop for all jabs. The most is a wince and a frown at the doc and that’s it. Mummy is the one whinning away.

    by the way, for the headline post, would be nice if we could see the full post, instead of clicking further to read ? Just thought more convenient….

    1. Wow, Shawn is amazing! Even me as an adult, I’m also scared of needles!

      I tried to modify the headline post to show full page before, but all the alignments went haywire! Anyway, this magazine-style theme is meant to show only the excerpt on the front page…

      It’s a bit troublesome to click on the “Read more” on each post, hopefully you can bear with the inconvenience till my next theme-change… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi,

    My missy took 2 more than the table you posted. rotavirus (oral) before she was 6 months old and at 13months we took chicken pox vaccination too. 1 jab.

    Now, im thinking should take the Hep A for her. after she is 2yo. do you take that ? it’s in the optional jabs


    1. Hi Mico,

      I intend to bring him for Chicken Pox and Rotavirus vaccination when he turns 2. No plan for Hep A yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi,

    Rotavirus only available for baby before 6 months. after you missed this age, there is no need to take rotavirus anymore.


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