Our New Makeover!

my-sweet-heartAfter many hours of hard work and late nights, I’ve finally created a brand new look for Our Little Smarties. It’s my first attempt to change a theme on a wordpress blog (that’s the reason why I take so long). I’ve been toying with this idea for weeks as I lack the courage.

Last weekend, I finally worked up the courage to put my hands in these techie works and give my blog a total makeover. I love this new theme. Thanks to the powerful script of wordpress, it is indeed easier than I expected.

This theme has been tweaked in many areas by me; it looks completely different from the original theme. I added a header picture and changed the fonts and colors in the blog. I changed the color scheme from the original blue and black to some soft and delicate pastels. I love these new colors.

I don’t know much about CSS language. Most of the time, I picked up the language by trial and error. I modified the scripts and observe the changes in my blog. At one point, I nearly killed my blog! I was horrified. Fortunately, I had a back-up copy of the script file. After loading it into the admin panel, I was able to relive it.

The most difficult part in implementing this theme is making the image resizer works on my blog. This little application will resize the image in the post and display it as thumbnail on the main page. I read the tutorials over and over again, but it still didn’t work. I nearly gave up. Perhaps due to my persistence, I finally found the solution in the support forum.

There are still some minor areas that I need to touch up after I recharge my energy. I hope all of you will like this new theme. If you experience any problems, please leave me a comment and I’ll work on it.

Our new makeover – Love it? Hate it? Is the font too small? I appreciate all your comments. 🙂


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Em, I jus trealized that we share the same theme header picture. =p
I like it just as much when i did the change of theme. Great minds think alike =p.

I also change the font size of the theme as i find them too small.
By the way, how did you edit the header words near to the ‘cloud’? I tried to do that but i just couldn’t figure that out.


Definately LOVE it!!! font size can be increased slightly though…


Haha, No worries Em, Good things must share ma… u shared with us so many good things… =p
Got chance please teach me how to edit the words k…

Nice header, great colour combination. lurve the new look. you making me so tempted to change mine to something brighter, to brighten my day 🙂

This new layout is so beautiful!! Great job! And it’s very unblog-like too!! Worth your many hours and effort to work on this!

i like it very much… i’m searching for a new blog template for mine too… but i’m on blogger