Photographic Memory Game

I’m going toย play this photographic memory game with little Edison. It is similar to what our sensei taught in the class.

What we need to prepare for this game?
1. Print out theย pictures attached HERE. Total: 3 pages.
2. Cut the three pictures on page 2 (along the dotted lines)

How to play this game?
1. Show them the picture on page 1 for about 3-5 seconds. Tell them to take a picture using their “special camera”.

photo-page-1… Page 1

2. Give them the three pictures that we cut from step #2 above.

photo-page-2… Page 2

3. Now, tell them to arrange the three pictures into the boxes (page 3) according to the positions that they saw a moment ago.

photo-page-3… Page 3

4. After they arranged the pictures, show them the picture on page 1 again and check for accuracy.
5. Don’t forget to praise them if they managed to arrange correctly.
6. Give them encouragement if they did not get it correct.

Try it; I hope your kiddos will like this game.

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