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The Thing about Ex-Boyfriend

bearsLadies, do you ever think about your ex-boyfriend? Ssshhhh… Don’t tell anyone! Sometimes when I see or hear something familiar (i.e. a song or movie), I will think about them. But it’s unintentional.

Last month, I suddenly dreamt about Kenny. He is my ex-university mate. I met him the first time during the university orientation program. He was a charming, eloquent and smart young man. He caught my attention because he speaks very fluent English.

Coincidentally, we were in the same class during our first year in university. We became friends, although not very close. I started to develop some very special feelings towards him. Every time I bumped into him, I was buzzing with happiness.

I knew that he was attached; he had a steady girlfriend in his hometown. So sad, but let’s face it. He wouldn’t be interested in a plain Jane like me.

The last time I saw him (in person) was during our graduation ceremony in year 2000. After he graduated, he returned to his hometown in Penang and settled down.

After that dream, I tried my luck to search for him in Facebook. Much to my surprise, I managed to find him. It has been 9 years and I almost couldn’t recognise him. Anyway, we have added each other as friends in Facebook. He is now happily married with 2 children. I’m so happy for him.

So, that’s the story about Kenny. (Hint: If you are my friend in Facebook, you should be able to see Kenny in my friend’s list!)

During my first job after my graduation, I met Andrew. He was witty, funny and a great conversationalist. We exchanged e-mails, SMS and talked over the phone on all sorts of topic. On Friday nights, we chilled out together after work. Soon, we started dating each other.

During the 2 years when I was with Andrew, I was very happy. We worked in the same company; we spent a lot of time together. Unfortunately, our relationship went downhill because of a ‘third party’. Half a year later, we went separate ways. A bit sad, I know. I was furious and disappointed. After all that I’ve done for him, I got nothing but a broken heart.

But the strange thing is I forgave him after that. We still remain as friends until now. Maybe we were still young at that time and we were uncertain about our future. Or probably because we are not fated to be together. Whatever it is, it is no longer important to me.

Whenever I think of him now, I feel glad that we didn’t work out. If not, I wouldn’t be able to meet my husband Venneth. People often say that we will date all the wrong men before we finally learn to draw the right man into our life. It’s true!

I’m so happily married with Venneth; we have a happy family and the most adorable son. My life is truly blessed. I’m a happy wifey and mummy! 🙂


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i broke up with my ex for the same reason as well…3rd party. we’ve been together for 7 yrs. (hahaha, dun ask me hw young i started dating).
my mum said the same thing to me when i broke off… that I will learn to find the RIGHT man. which of course i DID!! :p

well we need to kiss many frogs to finally turn them into a prince 🙂


Hi, Emily,

You are so frank to tell your story about ex-boyfriend. It makes your blog more colorful.
I love to read your post since the first sight. Tell you what… I will read your blog everyday from now on, it’s like a refreshment to me. Besides, I can learn english as well. Hehe.. Keep writing!