DIY Flashcards #13: Colours

Finally, I’m able to complete this set of colours flash cards today. I’m sure little Edison would love to learn about colours. Click HERE to download them.

colours flash cards

Title: Colours
1. Red
2. Blue
3. Yellow
4. White
5. Orange
6. Green
7. Black
8. Brown
9. Pink
10. Purple

[4 Nov 09] Update: Download URL updated.


13 thoughts on “DIY Flashcards #13: Colours

  1. Hi Emily,

    Seeing your flashcards motivates me to start DIY the cards for my boy too. Recently i went for the Home Practice Session and gotto know that we have to flash at least 200 cards per day. But I missed out one point. Do we flash the same sets of card everyday for each month or different sets of card everyday (e.f , no repetition in the same month)?


    1. Hi Mico,
      Thanks for your recommendation. I’ll check out the website soon. I think your pattern is good. After one month, we can move on to new cards.

      Hi Jesslyn,
      I do repeat the flash cards on a weekly basis. Otherwise, I don’t have so much cards to flash.

  2. Hi,

    Just to share, i flash the same 200 cards for one month then different set of cards in the subsequent month. cos i cant possibly have so much time to change the cards on daily basis.

    How about yourself ?


  3. Hi Emily,

    Just to check, after changing the new 200 cards in subsequent months ( i just started in May, so i havent retire any cards, am preparing the next 200 cards for June now) is that mean i will not flash those 200 cards/topics used in previous month ?

    meaning to say, i change new topics in June and subsequent months.. so the topics used in previous months will not be repeated anymore ?

    During Home practise, they said not to repeat topics.. but i forgot to ask not to repeat in a period of time or NEVER ever repeat again..


    1. Hi Mico,
      You can check with your sensei on the repetition of flash cards. I do repeat them, cos I don’t have so much cards. Furthermore, I think by doing repetition, then they will remember the pictures and words.

      My boy will run away if I keep changing the cards. Too many new cards – he will lost patience…

  4. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for sharing. One thing in doubt. when we flash the cards, it’s suppose to be fast and it means our aim is not for our child to be familiarised with the cards and use left brain to digest or “remember”. so, it means to say, not to repeat it in short term, so that they are using rigth brain instead of left.. aiya.. many theory behind..

    During the Home pratise session, they said the knowledge flash to them is not Most important. but the speed is.


    1. Hi Mico,
      I’ll try to find out more on this ‘repetition’ topic in some of the Shichida books that I have. I have a few mothers who sent me e-mails to ask about this question too.

      Perhaps, it would be good if I can find some information to share in my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Emily and Mico,

    I do remember that during the Home Practice session, they said better to have around 10 cards for each topic in order to have a better grip of the cards. But what if we have 20 cards for FOOD, does it mean we cant flash the next 10 cards on FOOD in the next month since cant repeat on the same topic?

    Sigh.. didn’t think of so many questions during that session cos have not start on home practise. Now that I have started, seems to have so many queries..

  6. Hi Emily,

    Thanks on the information to be shared in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Jessylyn,

    As for me, if i have more than 10 cards for the same topic.. i keep it for next month. shichida said we can repeat the same picture but not the same topics..

    so maybe instead of say “Food”.. next month i can reuse some of the cards with new topic ” vegetables ” which include some of the pictures in food.


    1. Hi Carol,
      Pls send me an e-mail and the name of the file that you need. I will e-mail it to you. Thanks.

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