Me Time

End of 4-Days Work Week

workYes, we are going back to full force starting this week. No more Friday off-day for me. *Sobz* Actually, I should be happy about it because there will be no more unpaid leave in my paycheck.

But somehow, having worked 4 days/week for the past few months makes me lazy now. I need to boot up my ‘system’ to work 5 days again.

The global semiconductor fab utilization rates have bounced back in the second quarter after a gloomy Q1. We are expecting a gradual rise through 2010 as the semiconductor industry has entered into its recovery phase (finally!)

My big boss gave us a serious warning last week, “Please do not commit shipment to your customers unless you have a commit fab-out date from the wafer fabs.” Reason is simple – all the major fab foundries are > 100% utilized. Standard lead time doesn’t apply anymore. We can’t assume that we can get our parts within the normal lead time. Chasing and expediting are now back in my routine.

To add insult to injury, we are giving too much leverages to our customers to change their orders and priorities. As a result, our planning department is fire-fighting everyday. It’s like a mathematical equation with too much variables over constants. Even the best planner-on-earth can’t derive a plan that can fulfill all the requirements!

Anyway, I’m expecting a busy schedule this quarter. It’s good; it’s certainly looking good now!


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my friend in 3m worked 4 day week too.. not sure whether hers was lifted already or not.

4 day weeks means you have more time for your kiddo..