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His Collections

Toy cars, trains and helicopters – they are must-have toys for little Edison. He never gets bored playing with them. His collections so-far: two helicopters, two trains, two racing cars and one truck. Boats and airplanes will soon be added into his collections. They are pretty cheap – easy on my wallet too!

Edison in Shichida t-shirt

Besides playing with toy cars, (in reality) he love to imitate his daddy’s driving behaviors too. From starting the engine to honking the horn, turning signals and steering the wheel, he knows them all.

Hopefully, he will NOT learn his daddy’s R-rated Hokkien words when it comes to slow traffic or people cutting into his lane without signal.


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Cute. By the way, im still thinking should i get things like car trek.. helipcopter.. soldiers..water gun etc for my girl..i hope i wont raise my girl to be too girlie..

but, i noticed that she has very little interest in blocks. (which my fried’s son loves block) and she does not show much interest in cars.. pistol etc..

funny right ? she prefer dolls.. hugables..cooking masak..maybe by nature girl will be girl..