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His Growing Independence

Little Fan of MacDonald's

My little boy is growing well into his toddlerhood. His new sense of independence is indeed a thrill to watch.

Some of the things that he can do on his own:

When we were having our dinner at MacDonald last night, I noticed that he can eat French fries on his own. He dipped the fries into the tomato sauce and ate like an adult. He drank his apple juice and cleaned his hands with tissue paper after eating.

At home, when he accidentally spill water on the table, he will clean it with a tissue paper. After cleaning, he will throw the tissue paper into the trash bin. After playing, he will keep his toys into his toy box (happen most of the time when he is in a good mood!).

Nowadays, he prefers a shower over a bath. Instead of sitting in the bath tub, he stands under the running water. Even when the water gets into his eyes, he doesn’t protest.

Last but not least, he has reached a stage of being able to express his likes and dislikes to us. From food and drinks to clothings, shoes and toys, he makes his choice and we listen! He likes cold drinks, sweet stuff and bright-colored clothes.

Toddler independence is indeed wonderful. It’s great to see him blossomed into his own little person day by day. And with his own unique personality. My little BIG BOY Edison!

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