I Miss My Hometown


For some unknown reasons, I miss my hometown Ipoh a lot these days. I miss my papa and mama. I miss my brother and sister. I miss the food, the weather, the streets, the green sceneries, the people, my house and everything little things in Ipoh.

It’s silly because I still feel homesick even though I’ve been away from Ipoh for more than 10 years. Or perhaps, it’s the feeling of missing my family members there. It has been almost half a year since our last gathering in Ipoh.

The good news is – I’m going back to Ipoh tonight. Yes, with little Edison! Going to be a short trip and we will be back next Monday. I’m so excited!

We are going to have lots of FUN. On Friday, we are throwing a birthday bash for my niece Jaynie who is turning three this year. On Saturday, it’s my dad’s birthday celebration. And on Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day!

I spent two hours packing last night. Although it’s only a 3-days trip, but with a toddler in tow, there are just too many things to pack. His clothes, smelly pillows, shoes, snacks, milk powder, milk bottles, diapers, pacifiers, my mini first-aid kit and the list goes on.

I’ll be back next Monday. Tata!

3 thoughts on “I Miss My Hometown

  1. Hi,

    Safe trip home ! My col who is from Ipoh too said she usually take plane home instead of couch, that could safe a lot of time and comfortable for little ones.

    Enjoy !


    1. Hi Mico,
      Currently, there is no flight to Ipoh. So, my only choice is to take a coach. Luckily, my boy is able to sleep throughout the journey on the coach… Firefly (a new budget airline in Msia) is planning to set-up direct flight from Singapore-Ipoh after July this year.. I can’t wait to take a flight home next time..

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks. I’m back! Super tired and works are piling up for me to clear today.. There was no class last Saturday… hope all of us had some fun and a good break too!

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