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I’m Sick!

I'm SickAfter all the fights against the virus around me, finally I lost the battle. I’m sick, down with flu, sore throat, cough and fever.

It was a lousy weekend. Little Edison was sick, but he recovered on Sunday. Although I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I pushed myself to go out. I promised to buy him a tricycle, and I must do it. So, we went to Carrefour and ordered a tricycle for Edison. It will be delivered to us this Friday (due to OOS), and little Edison will definitely enjoy the rides.

I drank 3 big cups of Lo Han Guo herbal tea, sucked countless tabs of lozenges, but they didn’t help at all. This morning, when I woke up, I felt horrible. I lost my voice due to excessive coughing. My head was spinning.

I dragged myself to the family doctor this morning. I was in a pretty bad shape, so he gave me two days MC to rest. He assured me that I will recover asap if I take his medicine, sleep at least 10 hours today and drink lots of water. *Ahem* A very cute doctor!

I came home at 11am. I rested on my bed, feeling so weak. I slept, woke up at the slightest sound and slept again. No one was home – hubby is working and little Edison is at my MIL’s house.

After 4 hours, I woke up – feeling slightly better. I showered. Ate my lunch and started reading my e-mails.

Enough enough of rest. I need to get back to work now.


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take care of yourself. weather is crazy.


Emily, take good care of yourself! Weather is unpredictable these days and cause many to fall sick. Speedy recovery!


Hi Emily,

Take some vitamin C or drink fruit juice to boost up immunity. I’ve been very hardworking to make fruit juice for my family recently cos worried one down.. all will follow.. and if have time exercise more :))



Take good care of yourself. Its very common to catch the flu/cough/fever virus these few days.

My gal and me just recovered from fever and flu virus also. Its tiring when your little one get sicks hence try not to get too close to Edison until you fully recover 🙂