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Shoo the Flu Bug Away

Flu BugWe’re on a bitter battle against the flu bug since two weeks ago. My hubby was the first victim of this nasty flu bug just three days before our Ipoh trip. He visited the doctor twice, quarantined himself for two days and he was partially recovered on the day we departed to Ipoh.

While we were away in Ipoh, my brother-in-law caught the flu bug, followed by my father-in-law. Three Chan’s were down by the flu bug. Imagine how powerful it is!

The worst is not over yet until we returned to Singapore. The fourth Chan (my little Edison) was down on Friday night. He had a sudden onset of high fever and he vomited twice after taking Nurofen. His temperature shoot up to 39.4 deg C. He was whiny and cranky.

We rushed him to the pediatrician on Saturday morning. The pediatrician immediately inserted a suppository into his rectum to bring down his temperature. Within an hour, his fever is suppressed. After taking the polaramine syrup and Augmentin antibiotics, he is much better today. In his usual self, he is walking around the house, playing with his toys and making noises.

Thank God for his speedy recovery!

However, the fifth victim could be ME! This morning, I woke up with itchy throat, cough and slight runny nose. I took some flu tablets and cough syrup. Hopefully, I will get better soon.

flu-bugNasty flu bug – please stay away from my family!

Go away!

Go away!!

Go away!!!

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SHOO the bug!!! They are my #1 enemy too.
Take care and hope Edison gets well soon!