Crocs Spree is Back!

Edison - New CrocsLast month, I bought a pair of Crocs for little Edison from an online spree in SMH forum. The price was very attractive, even the latest design is sold at 30% discount. I bought the Trailbreak Kids for only $49 (usual price $69.90).

The organizers are dsii and zita. Both of them are very efficient organizers, fast and great on communication. Payment status is updated promptly. The item arrived within the lead time, without any delay. Most importantly, it’s 100% authentic. I’m so impressed!

They are organizing another spree now. If you are interested to get a pair with 30% discount, please check out their spree HERE.

I had a pleasant experience spree-ing with them. This time, I’m looking for a pair of Malindi for myself.

[Picture: Little Edison wearing his new Trailbreak Kids in bright yellow. Size C8/9 – a bit over-sized for him but he loves them. This picture was taken last month. If you take a close look at him, he has actually lost quite a bit of weight after his food strike.  Luckily, he is back to his normal food intake now.]



10 thoughts on “Crocs Spree is Back!

  1. Emily,

    I bought abt 10 pairs from them during the last spree…

    Fyi,the Crocs outlet at Vivo City also having Sales.
    Maybe you want to go n hv a look.

    1. Wow! 10 pairs?! Mag, u r fierce! haha… Dun think I can go down to Vivo this weekend.. Any idea how is the sales like?

  2. Emily,
    haha.. horrible rit??
    The sales huh, I think they go on percentage off.. 1st pair, 2nd pair etc.. hee..
    Cos many ppl there, so did not really go in and see.. sorry..

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to order from the spree but i’m not sure what is the size of my girl’s feet.. haaa.. i ask my mum check on the size from my girl’s current shoes , collete, it’s 16 in size.. so how u know what size ?? crocs website all in 22 plus.. ???

    1. Hi Mico,
      There is a sizing chart you can download from Crocs website. Measure your Missy’s foot against the chart to check her size. I think the best is to bring her down to any Crocs store to try out the shoes…. 🙂

      Hi Mag,
      It’s OK. I’ll buy from the spree – easier. I saw that the organizer ZITA has 20+ pairs of Crocs for her princess…. Amazing!

  4. wow!!! I wasnt that tempted until this pic of Edison posing with the shoes. Juz placed order, thanks for the recommendation!

    saw you posting on sizing issue. not sure if it helps. i’m wearing size 5 for my regular shoes (heels, stilettos) but Malindi size 6 fits me well.

    1. You bought for Master Heng ar? It’s really very nice, sporty look! Plus the color is very bright… In the dark also can see… haha! Good Buy!

      Thanks for your advise on Malindi. I’m wearing size 6 for Charles & Keith, so I guess I need size 7 for Malindi.. I’ll try to go SK Metro this weekend to try out….

  5. yes yes.. buying for Master Heng. hee. wanted to get the pink for Missy but HB said too rugged for her lor.

    yeah, better to try and determine the suitable size.

  6. Hi,

    Just to share. the spree is selling like hot cake.. woah.. of course i manage to order mine too heee.. i too think Trailbreak looks a bit “cho lor” for girl le.. i ended up buying her Rally. pink of course.


    1. Yes, this BP is always so popular.. I guess many die-hard fans of Crocs in Singapore.. I agree that Trailbreak Kids are not so suitable for girls.. I would prefer Mini Jane – my fave!

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