DIY Flashcards #14: Let’s Read a Map!

Last week, we learned a new song in our class – Let’s read a map! Edison enjoys learning new songs. I quickly made a music slideshow with this new song for him. He was delighted and he listened to it over and over again.

We can teach our little children to read a map by learning the directional words used in our daily conversations. Words and phrases such as up and down, left and right, farther and nearer, here and there, can help them to understand the concept of location.

I made some flash cards to teach little Edison on the directional words that we use in our everyday life.

I’m going to share them with you too. Click HERE to download the cards.


Title: Let’s Read a Map!
1. Globe
2. World Map
3. Electronic Map
4. Compass
5. North
6. South
7. East
8. West
9. Scale
10. Up
11. Down
12. Left
13. Right


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