DIY Flashcards #16: Basic Parts of a Computer

Seriously, I run out of new flashcards to practice with Little Edison. I’ll need to make more flashcards or buy them this weekend. The former option has limited speed. I guess I’ll go for the latter. I’ll be going to Shichida Tensai shop this weekend to buy some new flashcards. Anyone has any orders to tag along?

Anyway, here’s a new theme I made last night. It’s all about the computer.


Title: Basic Parts of a Computer
1. Monitor
2. CPU
3. CD-ROM Drive
4. Floppy Disk Drive
5. Keyboard
6. Mouse
7. Modem
8. Speaker
9. Microphone
10. Headset
11. Printer
12. Scanner
13. Webcam

Download these flashcards HERE.

[4 Nov 09] Update: Download URL is updated.


7 thoughts on “DIY Flashcards #16: Basic Parts of a Computer

  1. Hi,

    it’s time consuming to make so many. esp those with pictures. so sometimes, besides download from sgparnting (japanese, mandarine), i also do simpler flash cards on tongue twister (the picture is easier to get) and also songs.

    that would help to make more cards.. heee

    im preparing for July cards now..


    1. Hi Mico,
      I’m preparing for the July term too. In fact, I found some new flashcards in my store room days ago. I bought them from Tensai shop during our first term (one year ago). Somehow, I’ve forgotten about them. Haha! Luckily, I found them again.

  2. I found your blog via google, it’s interesting to read about how you have prepared your materials for Edison.

    Thanks for your sharing on the flash cards…thats very kind of you, do you actually paste the picture on a blank flash card? what do you use to stick them on? appreciate your sharing. thanx!

    1. Hi Yun Yun,
      I print them on black white paper, then cut and paste them into blank flash cards… using UHU stick..

  3. Hi,
    i know this link thru yahoo. it’s great to have such superb flashcards for free ! is it possible to have a flashcard on a single page instead of 2 flashcards per page ? it will be easier for printing on index card instead of print, cut and paste. thank u.


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