His New Tricycle

When my boy saw a tricycle for the first time, his eyes beamed with joy. I knew that he would love to have one too. Whenever I asked him, “Edison, Mummy will buy a tricycle for you. Do you want?” He will give me a big nod.

The search began last month ago. My first destination was Kiddy Palace. I visited the store twice but I couldn’t find a suitable model. Then, we tried our luck at Carrefour. I managed to find this adorable tricycle in blue and yellow for little Edison.


It has a pushbar – perfect for me to assist little Edison on learning to pedal. If he is too tired to pedal home, I can simply push him right home without any trouble. The pushbar is also detachable. When he is all ready to take off on his own, I can remove the pushbar and he is on his way!

Secondly, it has a leg rest. Even if our toddler is not ready to pedal, they can still sit on the tricycle, rest their feet on the leg rest and enjoy the ride, while we push them with the pushbar. The leg rest is also detachable.

This tricycle is small, but not too small. The weight is just nice; our toddler will not topple over. It isn’t too heavy; it’s easy for us to maneuver and easy for them to navigate too. The seat is rather comfortable. There is a safety bar to prevent the toddler from falling down the tricycle.

Lastly, there is a small basket at the back of the tricycle. Perfect for the water bottle when they are on the ride.

Available at Carrefour for just $55.00. A good buy!


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