Father’s Day at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

It was a wonderful weekend. We had a sumptuous buffet dinner at Noble House Restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. In addition, we organized a family outing to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a fantastic place for children to play, explore and have fun. It is a unique and interactive garden that allows our children to discover and appreciate plants, environment and the natural world.

Some of the attractions here include a tree house with two slides and sand play, water play area and playground. There is a little café near the entrance and their food was quite nice too. Admission is free. Car parks are conveniently located at the entrance of the park. Parking for the first hour is free too.

The weather was so warm, but when it comes to water play time, it was cloudy and little Edison had so MUCH fun. The water play area is now re-opened after a renovation (although there are two metal water pumps still under repair).


“Oh look! It’s the magic of photosynthesis!”

Water coming out???

My little piglet is anticipating the water!

Metal Water Pump

Waiting for the one and only available water pump…

Love the water!

“Love the water!”

Sweating for two hours in this garden totally wiped me out. I’m not an outdoor person, I admit. I felt like a melting ice-cream. Nonetheless, we had a great family time and lots of fun, especially little Edison.

If you’ve never been to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, you may want to check this place out with your kids. Remember to bring spare clothes and towels for your kids (and yourself too!). There is no shower facility in this garden. You can bring a small pail to clean up your kids in the toilets.


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do u have problem getting him out of the water play area? my little missy refused to budge when we say its time for home. hahaha… ended up wrestling with her


they just love water, dont they? hee…
i find coaxing them with their favorite food helped at times.
oh boy, he’s sure tired… dozed off after wiping out the milk. hahaha