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Mother of TwoRecently, many people have been asking me whether I’m planning to have my second baby soon. Their reasons are all the same – Little Edison is turning two soon and if I were to give birth to my second child next year, then there will be a nice 3 years age gap between them.

Yes, three years age gap sounds ideal to me too. In fact, most researchers agree that waiting 18 to 23 months after the birth of our last child before conceiving another seems best for the new baby’s health.

Besides the health factor, dealing with the demands of a toddler and a baby can be very stressful. With bigger age gap (3-4 years), the older kid is more willing to share and help out their younger sibling. Sibling rivalry may be less likely too.

When I saw him playing with his cousins (during my last home trip), I knew that he needs a sister or brother to play with. I can feel that my poor little boy is quite lonely. Despite having lots of toys, he lacks a playmate. He is yearning for a company of a little brother or a sister.

Little Edison has always been a sweet and loving boy at home. If number two comes on-board next year, I’m sure he will welcome his brother or sister with lots of love and affection. 


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my take – a playmate is important during the course of growing up. i see a drastic difference between my kids. Darius used to ‘complain’ about being lonely and attention seeking. now with Missy, it is not the case anymore. it is hardwarming to see them play, fight together…

All the best!!!


thanks Emily… a gd fren sent in after picking up from my FB a/c.
btw, i meant HEARTwarming instead of hardwarming… serious typo error! hahaha


I feel that 2 to 3 years age gap is a best gap when the 3 years old can understand and listen better. And when they grow older, they can relate and play together better cos the age gap is just nice

My 1st and 2nd is 25 months apart. 🙂