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Maclaren Quest Lightweight Stroller

I bought a Maclaren Quest stroller from a recent BP. It arrived within 3 days after I made the payment. So, we collected it last Friday. It comes with a free Maclaren Universal Organizer and a front bar. The organizer holds two cup and the front bar allows us to hang toys on the stroller.

I still love our first Combi stroller. It is so lightweight (only 4.5kg), very compact and folds-up easily. Wonderful for mall shopping and traveling. The only complaint that I have is the small storage basket and the lack of cup holder. As Little Edison grows older, we realized that it is getting too small for him. Especially when he wants to nap, he has to squeeze like sardines as there is not much space for him to move around.

The Maclaren Quest stroller is durable enough to last through his toddler years. The frame of the stroller is made of sturdy and lightweight aluminium. Weighing only 6kg, it is a breeze to take it along while traveling. Both the front and rear wheels lock and unlock easily. It folds down compactly to the size of a regular folded umbrella stroller.

I love the seat. It is spacious and has an extendable leg rest. The seat padding is reinforced so that Little Edison won’t sag down in it. Just like Combi stroller, its seat cover is removable and washable. The seat also has a four-position recline so Edison can sleep in it comfortably.

Another additional item in the stroller is the removable canopy that offers sun protection and has a UV protective window. The basket is large enough to hold a small diaper bag. Not forgetting the custom-fitted rain cover which goes from the canopy down to cover Edison’s feet during the rainy days.

All in all, Maclaren Quest’s features and ease of use make it well worth its price. I should have bought it sooner!

Maclaren Quest

Little Edison loving his new Maclaren Quest stroller


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Which BP did you get this from? hee.. good deal must grab 🙂



Hi Emily,

Thanks for the info.shall watch out for their new spree then.



hi emily, i m looking for a stroller than suits 3yo, i m currently using combi lightweighted as u had too, same prob, small basket n small space for them to sleep in.. i know this post was yrs ago but just wan to check if u think this stroller suitable for 3 or 4 yo? is the calf long enough to support their legs straight?

thanks!! muacks

Hi Rachel,
My son is 6 years old now, and I’m still using my Maclaren Quest! Haha! Sometimes when he is too sleepy when we’re on the go, he can still take his nap on this stroller. Maybe he is small size, I don’t know.

There is another version of the Maclaren Quest that is slightly bigger and spacious. Can’t remember the name, but you can check it out at Mothercare.


WOW! tt sounds good!! i think i should get one for my son too! we always need tt for him to nap while we r outside! hhaha~ thanks emily! oh btw, i did download many diy flash cards from ur blog last time but now seems like mostly r removed.. would u mind to share any website which hav free printable shichida-liked materials? thanks! 🙂

Hi Rachel,
Now, I remember the name of the other model. It’s Maclaren Techno XT, very spacious, you can check it out. I still put our Maclaren Quest in the car boot. In case our boy wants to nap, it comes handy.

I don’t know any other website that have Shichida like materials. For those old DIY flashcards of mine, they were uploaded to a free site many years ago. I didn’t maintain it, maybe that’s why they have been removed. Thanks for informing me about it.