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“No More”

These are Edison’s favorite words – “No more!” We hear him saying them at least ten times a day. How he uses them –

"No more"

1. After he finishes drinking his Yakult, he goes “No more!”
2. After poo-poo, he goes “No more!” My helper will then clean him up.
3. After he finishes his meal, he goes “No more!
4. After we exit the KPE tunnel, he goes “No more!” again. He means no more tunnel.
5. After an object (bird, aeroplane etc) flies away, “No more!
6. After mummy goes to work, “No more!
7. After daddy goes to work, “No more!

And the list goes on… Appropriate or not, doesn’t matter. I just love to hear him saying these words.


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Huey Ling

This is the way kids express themselves. They make you understand what they are trying to relate. This is the smart part of them. I remembered my little cousin, whenever he sits in my mum’s car & when my mum brakes her car, he will tell my mum: “Ah Yi, don’t push”. Cause braking a car is like a pushing force onto him. My little brother when he was young always like to ask my mum if she has “Pei” (compensate in chinese) the person $$. Told him alot of times it is “Huan” (return) but takes him quite some… Read more »


cute cute. My missy likes to say ‘more’.. opposite.. hee