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Keeping my son healthy, safe and happy is always my main priority. I believe it’s the same for all parents. We supervise them, we provide guidance, we ensure that all their needs are satisfied and we take care of their well-beings in every way.

It is especially true when it comes to taking care of our children’s teeth. I want Little Edison to have strong and healthy teeth. When he smiles, I love to see his set of pearly white teeth.

I started the brushing routine as soon as his first milk tooth emerged. I cleaned his mouth with a soft damn washcloth. I wiped his teeth, gum and tongue gently to remove residual milk.

At around 8-9 months, I started brushing his teeth with soft tooth brush and baby toothpaste. I used First Teeth® Baby Toothpaste that contains a unique natural enzyme system to protect his mouth against harmful bacteria. My dentist also recommended this toothpaste to prevent early tooth decay.

First Teeth Baby Toothpaste

It is fluoride-free, made with natural fruit flavors without artificial preservatives. Thus, it is safe even if swallowed. Little Edison enjoys brushing his teeth during his shower time with First Teeth® Baby Toothpaste

Pigeon ToothbrushNow at 20 months with all his milk teeth grown, he is all ready to practice his dental hygience with his first real toothbrush. I’m teaching him the proper tooth-brushing techniques with his first Pigeon training toothbrush.

Once he can handle his toothbrush well, I’ll teach him how to spit. And then, we will slowly move on to real toothpaste.

With daily brushing routine and practices, brushing his teeth is never a struggle for me. Taking care of his teeth is important, and I’ll encourage Little Edison to have good brushing habits that he will practice all the way to his future permanent teeth.

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Mico June 2, 2009 at 9:09 AM

I’ve been using firstteeth when my missy is about 18 month-old, before that we just use lukewarm water and clothes to clean her teeth.

But.. my missy does not like the taste of the toothpaste.. it’s a struggle for me with her daily.. so, recently, we stop using the toothpaste, just let her brush with toothbrush.. sigh..

may i know what flavoru are you using ? im using the one with banana. i thought maybe she will like it since it has ther fruity taste. never knew..

Emily June 2, 2009 at 4:13 PM

Edison is using the apple-banana flavour.. in fact, he loves it so much! 🙂 I guess it’s sweet…

bernice April 16, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Hi there

Do you know where can i purchase the toothpaste that you are also using? i am having a hard time locating it.

Thanks. Help Appreciated.


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