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BlogsParents all around the world are willing to share their expertise, knowledge and trial and error experiences through their blogs. These blogs are particularly useful to new parents who are facing challenges and looking for solutions.

For every problem that we face, there is someone else who has been there, experienced that and able to provide some handy tips.

I enjoy reading parenting blogs. They are like my morning newspapers. I read them while I’m downloading my e-mails every morning. I read most of my friends’ blogs to get an update on their children’s growing up. At the same time, I also share Edison’s growing up stories in my blog. It’s very comforting to read as well as to write.

There are a few parenting blogs that I absolutely adore. You may have read them before. But if you have not, it’s good to check them out now.

Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life

Snippets of Life is about food, fashion, parenting, art & design, online shopping and finding inspiration in the beautiful quirks of life. Karen is a cool mom, a fantastic wife and an awesome blogger. I enjoy reading all her posts. Her writing is fresh and creative. Her motherhood stories are always so inspiring. An amusing blog with enlightening truth about motherhood.

Our Everyday Things

Being a SAHM with two kids, Leonny shares the ups and downs of motherhood, arts and crafts ideas for kids, parenting tips as well as regular food for thought with a hope to inspire others. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, her blog is accompanied by fantastic photographs of her two lovely children.

Little Gastronomy

This is more of a food blog than parenting blog. Brenda shares her art of cooking for the little tummies in her blog. She shares countless recipes and food ideas for children and adult. Nice presentation, informative, easy-to-follow instructions, creative ideas and simply delicious!


I chanced upon this blog few months ago from the internet and have been reading it since then. Suzette shares many useful advices on breastfeeding and parenting. Based in Malaysia, Suzette is a knowledgeable working mother of two kids.

Life as a Mummy

Penny is certainly a multi-tasker. She writes three blogs and she opens an online store recently. A talented working mother of one child, Penny shares her motherhood experiences and shopping ideas. Penny’s son, Ryan, is about the same age as Little Edison.


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