SK-II Skin Refining Treatment


For a busy working mother who barely has time to sleep, she definitely doesn’t have time for a facial treatment. The least that she can do is to have good skincare products to keep her skin in tip-top condition. Are you one of them?

Frankly, I’m NOT that busy. I’m just plain lazy! Instead of spending two hours in the salon, I rather spend the time with my precious son. I cut down a lot of time and $$$ on skincare ever since I gave birth to Edison. Luckily, my skin still survives without the salon facial treatments.

One of the must-have products that I can’t live without is SK-II Skin Refining Treatment. Trust me; this is the best skincare product I’ve ever used. I love it to bits because it makes my skin feel fresh and brand new in the morning. It has light exfoliating properties that sloughs off dead skin cells with its Pitera® and active BHA formula. Dead skin cells are the main culprits for dry skin and clogged pores. Used only once at night, this cream guarantees a smooth and clear skin.

I bought it from Robinsons at $182 for 50ml. Since it is only used at night, one bottle can last about 3-4 months. Now, there is a BP selling it at only $134.30 ($47.70 savings!) OMG! Check it out HERE. She has many other skincare products with great discounts too.


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i used to use this, but gave up on skII few years back after they said once you use SKII , u have to stick on to it. we noticed that when we stop using the essence, our skin coulour like very dull. so we got scared and stop it completely.

Do you have such problem ?

another thing, i use SKII to get rid of my freckles (got it from diving), use for 5 years still there.

now, im using a american brand. my freckle now gone le. better. hee



Hi Emily, Im using “Lina” this is not a commercialise brand i think. My aunt from america use this and they got to knwo this lady, lina, brought the products over to spore. so my MIL and aunt they all been using this brand, they all cleared with pigmentation now. very superb for pigmentation. So my MIL intro me, i used for less than 6 months, and my freckles gone. since then i stick to this brand. been using for 3 to 4 years now. maybe SKII not good for pigmentation but for clogged pores. sometimes it depends on your… Read more »


wow…sounds good..where can we get the product? how much does it cost?


Hi Yoki,

U mean Lina ? The price is similar to SKII, but it’s effective for me. so more worth it.

317 Outram Rd #02-63 Holiday Inn Atrium tel: 68369989

They just shifted in March from building behind UE.