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I’ve been wondering if I should send Edison to a preschool next year. After many rounds of discussions with my husband, considering the benefits and importance of preschool, we have decided to enroll him for March 2010 intake.

“Why March 2010?” you may ask. I called up two kindergartens and I learnt that the minimum age requirement for Nursery is 30 months at the point of entry.

Edison was born in Sept 07. So, the earliest date that he can start his preschool will be the 2nd term of 2010, which will commence in end March. However, some kindergartens do accept toddlers below 30 months of age but most of them would prefer the toddlers to be toilet-trained.

If you are wondering what the benefits of sending our toddlers to preschool are, you may want to continue reading on.

Educational Learning
One of the most important benefits of preschool is the educational learning. Today’s children are expected to possess basic skills like color identification, numbers, alphabets and other basic things by the time they start kindergarten. Thus, preschool provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge for a head-start advantage. By the end of the kindergarten, they would learn addition, subtraction and be able to read out short sentences.

Gain Independence
Preschool is the beginning of the learning process whereby the child steps out in a totally new ambience and away from his mother’s lap. At preschool, they are taught the basic things like basic hygiene, follow instructions, sit on their seats during learning, show respect to teachers etc. All these will inculcate confidence them and prepare them for the challenges that come ahead during their formal education.

Social Interaction
Most children get social interaction from childcare or playgroup, but not all do. There are a number of children, just like Edison, who are spending their days at home with their grandparents. These children have limited social interaction with other children. This makes me feel that preschool is vital for Edison. Preschool will help him to develop his social skills too.

Edison goes to schoolThe decision has been made. My next step will be choosing the right preschool for Edison. I chanced upon the MOE website that publishes the list of kindergartens in Singapore. This website also shows the critical information like the teacher’s qualifications, capacity, current enrolment, monthly fees etc. A good place to start my research!

To summarize, preschool is a time for fun and excitement and a place for our children to grow and learn. With proper planning, I hope to provide little Edison with the necessary tools to maximize his potential.




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I’m contemplating sending Tristan to childcare soon. I realise his speech ability is not as good for his age. Guess both of us can somehow feel the difference when our boys are in class every Sat right?