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Toddler’s Haircut

When it comes to giving Edison a haircut, it can definitely be an uphill task to accomplish. It is such a huge challenge to get him to sit still during a haircut. I just couldn’t understand why sitting still is so difficult and uncomfortable for him.

My MIL has been Little Edison’s very own David Gan at home. She does the regular trimmings and styling for him. She does a very good job each time. But recently, we have decided to ‘outsource’ it as Edison’s hair is growing thicker. Without an electric shaver, it’s just too difficult to trim his thick hair.

So, we bought him to Okinawa ($10 haircut service) last Saturday. The whole haircut process took about ten minutes. For the first 2 minutes, he remained calm and seated although he refused to put on the hair cutting cover on his body. From the 3rd minute onwards, he started to wail when the little pieces of hair fall on his body and face.

The little pieces of hair caused so much discomfort for him. He pushed the hairstylist away, climbed up the seat and screamed it out. We tried all means to persuade and calm him down, but to no avail. We struggled for the next 5 minutes to complete the haircut. It was traumatic!

Today, I read a few articles to get some tips for a no-mess and no-fuss haircut. Hopefully, our second haircut will be smooth-sailing.

Toddler’s haircutting tips, here goes…

1. Remove his t-shirt, get a towel and drape it over his body before he sits down for his haircut. Keep the towel closed so that no little hair particles will fall into the towel.

2. Get a nice and comfortable cushion for him to sit.

3. Put on a plastic sun visor just below his hair line so that the little pieces of hair will fall on the visor instead of his face. When the hair starting to pile up on the visor, gently brush it off.

4. Keep him entertained with his favorite book or game. This will help to focus his attention on something other than his haircut.

5. Lastly, when the haircut is completed, remove the towel and visor very carefully so that the hair does not fall on him.

Little Edison – before the haircut. Look at his thick black hair!


Little Edison – after the haircut. I’m not quite satisfied though. It can definitely be better!

after haircut


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