A big part of parenthood is about cleaning up messes, especially when we have toddlers at home. When they discover coloring, it’s the time we need to discover how to clean crayons and markers off the wall. It can be a headache.

A well-known product, Aquadoodle is a mess-free coloring solution for toddlers and kids. It comes with a doodle mat, a magic doodle pen and some drawing shape boards. The magic doodle pen is refillable with water. Using the pen, they can scribble on the mat. When their creations dry up, they will disappear from the mat within a few minutes. You see – it’s totally mess-free and no cleaning at all.

The only down side I can think of is when Little Edison wants to keep his creations on the mat. It will be impossible. When the mat dries up and his beautiful art works are missing, he will be terribly upset. I’ll run into trouble too. Gee.

Anyway, I still think that it’s a great product. Reason – it is affordable, safe, clean and easy-to-use.

Aquadoodle Musical Playmat

Today, I spotted this Aquadoodle Musical Playmat in the BP. Besides doodling, it has 5 animal sounds, 10 build-in melodies and 12 music keys. The kids can draw and sing at the same time. BP is selling at $28 with self-collection and 2-3 weeks waiting time.

I’m keen to get one for Edison too. Do you know how much it is selling at Kiddy Palace or Toys”R”Us? I don’t like to wait, so I’ll probably hop into Kiddy Palace this weekend.


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Huey Ling

Wow.. it looks like a good product to have. How I wish there are toys that have legs to crawl back to their own place again after my boy throw them all over the house…


Hi, I chanced upon this blog while looking for information on aquadoodle for my toddler son. I was wondering where you got the above aquadoodle. Where is BP?