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Edison – 22 months

Edison - 22 months

Little Edison turned 22 months last weekend. I want to pen down some updates on his development before my memory goes rusty.

Last month, his uncontrolled outburst was at its peak. This month, it gets slightly better (surprisingly!). I guess it’s just another phase of his development whereby he starts to gain control over his temper. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is NOT to get angry when he loses his temper, as it will only make matters worse. Calm him down and explain to him are the most effective methods to deal with his tantrums.

Eating Habits
Unfortunately, he is still as picky and fussy. If he dislikes a particular food, he will push away the food endlessly. Feeding him is definitely the most tedious task for me. The easiest way out is to leave the task to my helper. Haha, I admit I’m kinda impatient when it comes to feeding. My helper will try all means to feed him and most of time she succeeds.

Learning Skills
As he approaches his second birthday, he is more independent in many areas, including his thinking skills. He learns from watching us closely and by imitating our actions. The fact that he can understand most of our daily conversations proves that he is a good listener. We continue to encourage him to talk, but he isn’t particularly talkative at this moment.

Edison - 22 months

Physical Skills
His physical capabilities progress into a confident mastery of a broad range of physical skills such as throwing, catching, running, kicking, climbing and balancing. Therefore, safety remains the first priority. He enjoys running around the playground, water and sand play, playing with balls, toy cars and play-doh.

As his second birthday is fast approaching, perhaps it’s time to think about his birthday bash and his birthday gift. Well, what kind of birthday bash best suits a 2-year old?

I love to hear ideas from you. 🙂


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