It is beach time!

The sun is shining, the skies are bright blue and the temperature is scorching. We pack our flip-flops, swim wear, mat, lots of water and head to Siloso beach. Parents-in-law join the fun, the more the merrier!

Edison - Siloso Beach with Daddy

Little Edison is extremely excited, jumping over the little waves in the shallow area. The water looks so blue and inviting!

Edison - play sand with Grandma!

Dig in the sand and throwing it at the people around him. His beach toy set keeps him busy. He makes sand airplanes and sand animals skillfully from the plastic molds. He is naturally inquisitive.

Edison - Loving Sentosa Island!

Instead of sitting down, relax and take in the sun, I’m busy chasing after him, snapping pictures of him and cleaning him every ten minutes. It is tiring, but I’m so contented to see Little Edison truly enjoying himself at the beautiful Sentosa Island.

It’s a great day!


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