One Year Ago…

ONE YEAR AGO, heย has onlyย four milk teeth.

edison - 4 milk teeth


At 22 months, he has all his 20 primary teeth in his mouth. He can eat chocolates, nuts, bread, cakes and anything he likes.

edison - now


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. Hello Little Edison…

    How time flies..

    Without slowing down to ponder on the foot steps we have taken, we have now seen the active and inquisitive nature of you.

    From a little comfortable size that we can fit easily into a fisher bouncer, it now takes us great strength to allow you to enjoy the comfort of an extended stroller.

    Growing up day by day

    Seeing the different aspects of life

    Understanding the beauties of development

    22 months have passed.

    A road ahead of you. Walk it bravely for we know you can.

    Because your name is, Edison.

    1. Yes, Ken. He can run faster than we could imagine. He has a good sense of direction and excellent memory too. There is so much to discover in him everyday. He makes my life so interesting everyday!

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