Take a Moment to Hug Your Child

HUGMost parents love their children more than their own lives. But sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we are too busy to notice that our children need a more loving emotional connection with us. Do we show our love and compassion to our children everyday? If no, please take a moment to hug and kiss your child now.

We, as a parent, do menial tasks for our children everyday to prove our love for them. We take care of them, cook for them, send them to school, tuck them to sleep etc. But to our children, they may not be able to ‘feel’ our love and the emotional connection from all these daily activities.

I absolutely adore the Eight-Second Hugging method taught by Shichida Method. I practice it everyday. It’s a simple, yet effective, way to communicate our love to our children. How to do it? Hug and continue to hold our children closely for 8 seconds. Our love will be communicated to our children’s heart instantly. Easy?

On my way home yesterday, I heard this from the Mobile TV, “Hugging is free, fits all sizes and can be exchanged easily.” In fact, it is so true. Hugging is healthy for the body and soul. It brings a sense of security that no words can do. It strengthens the bond with our children too.

So, let’s make hugging our children a daily ritual today! 🙂


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