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My bento-ing adventure has begun. The first thing that I need to do is to shop for bento tools. I made a trip to Daiso at Plaza Singapura last weekend, but I couldn’t find all the tools that I want. Not even a nice bento box! *Disappointing*

Daiso is opening its fifth branch in Rivervale Mall this week. Since it’s just 5 mins drive from my place, I’ll check out this new branch this weekend. Hopefully, they have more bento tools and boxes.

Having read all these bento-mama’s blogs, I have listed down all the basic bento tools that I need to have:


1. Bento Box: This is actually lunch box, usually comes with removable compartments. They are usually air and liquid tight. They can be plastic, stainless steel or microwave-safe glass.

egg mould

2. Egg Mould: Place a hard-boiled egg in the mould and a plain egg can be transformed into any shape that we like (shape of the moulds).

rice mould

3. Rice Mould: To make rice balls in the shape of the mould.


4. Cutters: For cutting bread, ham, cheese, fruits and vegetables into the desired shapes. I wonder if these cutters are multi-functional, i.e. bread cutter can also be used for cutting fruits and vice versa. Can someone enlighten me?

animal picks

5. Animal Picks: Cute animal picks add a touch of whimsy to our bento. Perfect for the little fingers to pick up fruits like grapes, peas as well as wraps.

6. Divider Sheets and Cup: To put side dishes as well as for decorations.

nori puncher

7. Nori Punchers: To create various facial expressions, usually using seaweed.


8. Baran: Sheets for decorating our bento box.

sauce container

9. Sauce Container: Small container for sauces, mayonnaise etc.

loots from Daiso

My loots from Daiso @ Plaza Singapura – various cutters, animal picks, forks and spoons, baran and divider cups. Hoping to find more at Rivervale Mall.


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good luck in ur bento creation… looking fwd to see them. i’m quite motivated actually after reading ur post. hope i get some time to do something.


hi.u got sell the bento tools?

Hi Alicia,
I’ve just posted on my For Sale page to sell some of my bento tools. Pls check it there. Thanks!