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My bento-ing adventure has begun. The first thing that I need to do is to shop for bento tools. I made a trip to Daiso at Plaza Singapura last weekend, but I couldn’t find all the tools that I want. Not even a nice bento box! *Disappointing*

Daiso is opening its fifth branch in Rivervale Mall this week. Since it’s just 5 mins drive from my place, I’ll check out this new branch this weekend. Hopefully, they have more bento tools and boxes.

Having read all these bento-mama’s blogs, I have listed down all the basic bento tools that I need to have:


1. Bento Box: This is actually lunch box, usually comes with removable compartments. They are usually air and liquid tight. They can be plastic, stainless steel or microwave-safe glass.

egg mould

2. Egg Mould: Place a hard-boiled egg in the mould and a plain egg can be transformed into any shape that we like (shape of the moulds).

rice mould

3. Rice Mould: To make rice balls in the shape of the mould.


4. Cutters: For cutting bread, ham, cheese, fruits and vegetables into the desired shapes. I wonder if these cutters are multi-functional, i.e. bread cutter can also be used for cutting fruits and vice versa. Can someone enlighten me?

animal picks

5. Animal Picks: Cute animal picks add a touch of whimsy to our bento. Perfect for the little fingers to pick up fruits like grapes, peas as well as wraps.

6. Divider Sheets and Cup: To put side dishes as well as for decorations.

nori puncher

7. Nori Punchers: To create various facial expressions, usually using seaweed.


8. Baran: Sheets for decorating our bento box.

sauce container

9. Sauce Container: Small container for sauces, mayonnaise etc.

loots from Daiso

My loots from Daiso @ Plaza Singapura – various cutters, animal picks, forks and spoons, baran and divider cups. Hoping to find more at Rivervale Mall.


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  1. good luck in ur bento creation… looking fwd to see them. i’m quite motivated actually after reading ur post. hope i get some time to do something.

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