Birthday Present

What does my two-year-old want for his birthday present? Hunting for a present isn’t easy at all. Cars, trains, fluffy bears, blocks, push car, kitchen set, tricycle – he seems to have them all. So, what’s new?

I’ve been thinking of getting him a kiddy laptop. I saw this Dora Laptop (by VTech) at Toys R Us last weekend. It’s quite cool. Ideal for preschooler like Edison to learn letters, alphabets, words, spelling and simple maths.


The laptop comes with a mouse that has 4-directional cursor keys and a chunky enter button for the little hands to develop basic computer skills. Personally, I like the interactive 3D Dora character that dances with the music. Super cute!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Present

    1. Hi Sam,
      I went to check at Robinsons website. The one on sale is slightly different from the one I posted in my blog. The discounted price (card member price) at Robinsons is actually same as usual price at Toys R Us… so, I guess its another marketing gimmick! haha!

  1. oh my goodness… i would be “ripped” off if you have not told me so. thought of getting 1 fm robinson having the idea that its on discount. hahaha…

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