Crocs Mania

When I first saw Crocs clogs many years ago, my reaction was “Ewww, they are so ugly!” I thought that they were the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.

Years passed and Crocs are not just clogs. Now, they are highly fashionable, stylish and yet comfortable. Two months ago, I bought my first pair of Crocs Malindi. I have to say that I’m completely satisfied with them.

Crocs MalindiMalindi is the perfect flat for my weekend outings. The slip-resistant soles are amazing especially when I’m running and chasing around my boy. The footbed has circulation nubs that circulate blood flow and feels like a massage when I walk in them. The slim-fitting and feminine design makes it an easy-match for any outfits.

I got myself two pairs of Malindi. And then, more Crocs creep into my life. It’s true, I’m hooked! My next addition was a pair of Captiva. It has a soft satin coated strap and pillowed footbed for extra comfort. Perfect for the warm whether in Singapore!

Lily LJ PlaidI just ordered my forth pair this week – it’s the Lily LJ Plaid (new design). Another fashionable and comfy flat, this time in lumberjack print design. I can’t wait to receive them!

Now, I’m waiting for another new design to be launched in Singapore – Lily Women. I can’t resist this pair, it’s a real beauty! My sister just bought it in Malaysia at a whooping price of RM167. I can’t wait to get mine too.

Little Edison has three pairs of Crocs. I also bought two pairs of Disney Mickey Mouse Cayman for my niece and nephew who will be coming to Singapore next month. I got my mother a pair of Patricia. I’m spreading my Crocs craze to everyone at home!

Lily WomenWith Crocs in my closet, I’ll never wear those feet-torturing heels again.

Hello, my dream shoes!

Pictures taken from Crocs Website.



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Chi Eng

No matter how nice, comfy or fashionable the shoes are, I still can’t understand the need for having so many pairs. I have never owned more than 5 pair of shoes, including my slippers. (And none of my shoes ever made it into the shoe cabinet in both the apartments we stayed, they have always been over-populated by your shoes, haha.)

But anyway, that’s just me. I wear shoes only to protect my feet, not to make a fashion statement. 🙂


totally agree with you, Emily. Malindi is really nice and comfy. did u get the cotton candy?
u tempted me on the Lily Women.. nice pair!!


i contemplated on the gold color before, in the end chose cotton candy. very sweet color. hee

yeah.. cant wait to get the Lily Women.

thanks for ur concern. i’m much better now, not fully recovered though. dun think i can make it to the bash. so sad…


Hi Sis, I had the same reaction as you before I stepped inside the Crocs shop, I found that some designs are really pretty, its not only pretty but its comfy and light! I have never stepped into the Crocs shop until that day u ask me whether I wanted a pair. I was amazed to see that there are so many designs that I like. I finally gave in to that pair of Crocs after much consideration (getting someone to sponsor is not that easy) Though its quite pricey, but its really worth it. And it can also match… Read more »