DIY Flashcards #21: Animal Sounds


Title: What Animal Sounds are called?

1. Bee – Buzz
2. Cat – Meow
3. Dog – Bark
4. Duck – Quack
5. Frog – Croak
6. Lion – Roar
7. Snake – Hiss
8. Sparrow – Chirp
9. Pig – Oink
10. Horse – Neigh
11. Bird – Chirp
12. Chicken – Cluck

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[4 Nov 09] Update: Download URL has been updated.


2 thoughts on “DIY Flashcards #21: Animal Sounds

  1. hi… really wish to download your hardwork flashcard but everyday I faced the same message when I clicked ie “Ripway Web Hosting User Account Exceeded Bandwidth ”

    will you be kind to send me your copy of flashcard.. thank you very much!


    1. Hi Chiew Liang,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. Until today, Ripway is still down and unable to recover my files. *Sad* Bu the good news is I found another free file sharing website today. I’m going to re-load the files into this new site. I need to update all the link again, it’s a lot of work too.

      Kindly check my blog again next week. I hope to update all the link by next weekend.

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