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Edison – 23 months

One month has passed since I wrote about Edison’s update at 22 months. Woohoo, time flies! So, what’s new this month?

In terms of physical development, Little Edison is becoming more confident on his feet now. He can bend over from his waist to pick up an object on the floor. He is jumping everywhere around the house. He is determined to walk up and down the stairs without any help from us.

He is an active learner. He loves ‘reading’ his ABC board book and he can recognize more than 95% of the pictures in the book. Although he can’t read out yet, but he is able to point at the correct picture every time I read to him. He loves playing with blocks and he can build a tower with five blocks or more.

In terms of fine motor skills, we give him plenty of finger-training games like beach toy set and play-doh. He can scoop up sand; pour them out and squeeze play-doh to make objects that I hardly recognize. He likes to scribble using his crayons and markers.

He is still drinking milk from his milk bottle. Most parenting articles suggest that the transition from milk bottle to cup should take place at one year old. I feel that it’s still quite early. Let’s tackle this challenging task next month. Tsk tsk!

Apart from milk, he is drinking water and juices from his cup using a straw. He is still not confident in drinking directly from the cup. Every time when we offer him a cup, he will run to the kitchen to search for the straw.

Little Edison has also grown a little adventurous to try out new food. During dinner time, he will sit with me and try out all the dishes that my MIL cooks. Few days ago, he was eating our hot and spicy hokkien mee, until his cheeks turned red. We had to stop him as we were concerned that the spicy food may upset his gentle stomach.

In between mealtime, he takes a few healthy snacks too. He loves orange juice, Yakult and packet Milo. I’m absolutely delighted to see positive improvement in his eating habits and diet. Well done, my boy. Keep it up!

Edison at 23 months

Little Edison + Me + someone else’s daughter (?) at Kids’ Kingdom Marina Square.


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emily, when did u go MS? I was there last sat afternoon. my kids were so hooked on the mobile animal ride.