Years ago, many mothers used to consult their family doctors when their babies fell sick. However, taking our children to the family doctor now almost seems extinct. Most of the sick children in Singapore are cared for by a pediatrician.

Babies and young children are what pediatricians specialized in. Pediatricians have had three or more years of specialty training in addition to the four years of medical school. They are dealing to childrenย everyday. This makes them familiar with the ailments that affect young children. They are also more likely to have answers to the many questions that new parents are sure to have.

I choose pediatrician as Edison’s primary healthcare provider. His first pediatrician was Dr. Lillian Lim from the Kids Clinic Sengkang. This clinic is run by two pediatricians – Dr. Lillian Lim and Dr. Allyson Tan. Both of them are fantastic and popular among the North-East parents. Their schedules are always full though. However, I’m not very pleased with their nurses who are quite arrogant, as well as their long waiting time.

Occasionally, we visit Dr. Chan Kit Yee of Singapore Baby & Child Clinic, Mount Alvernia Hospital, recommended by my colleague. She is quite good with children. She is rather gentle, so Little Edison seldom fusses when she diagnoses him. Her clinic is quite spacious, waiting-time and charges are acceptable. The only downside is difficulty in finding a car park in Mt Alvernia Hospital.

This year, we started visiting Dr. Oh Meng Choo of Kid’s Clinic Bishan. I must admit that she is the best pediatrician we’ve ever seen! First of all, she is very detailed and friendly. She can address all our concerns without making us worried. Her clinic is fantastic – it has a large playroom on the 2nd floor complete with TV, toys and also a breastfeeding room. Parents and children can use the facility while waiting for their turn.

Dr. Oh understands that the waiting-time during peak hours and weekends maybe longer than expected. Thus, she set up this playroom for the convenience of parents and children. Her nurses are friendly and helpful too. Dr. Oh can be contacted at:

Kids Clinic @ Bishan
Blk 116 Bishan St 12
Singapore 570116.
Contact #: 6356 8909

This clinic is highly recommended by me!

19 thoughts on “Pediatrician

  1. Hi Emily,

    I certainly agree that kids clinic sengkang’s nurses are arrogant and they have really bad service attitude. Plus their waiting time can be like 4 hours i heard.

    With 3 of you recommending Dr Oh, makes me feel that the distance to travel is really worth it. We don’t drive so travelling is really a big big issue for us. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Phoebe,
      The most stupid thing with Kids Clinic Sengkang is that they don’t accept appointment by phone. We have to drive there to make appt, then go back home and wait for our turn. Yes, the waiting time can be 4 hours! It’s ridiculous! Their nurses r super ‘yaya-papaya’.. my hubby quarrelled with one of their nurses, after that, we never visit the clinic…

      Dr Oh is really good.. I read your blog post abt Dr Tan.. I don’t like the way she talk too.. she is creating unnecessary worries for you too.. You can take MRT to bishan, then walk there… If you know the way, the clinic is actually walking distance from MRT (10-15mins)..

      I’m sure you will like Dr. Oh… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Emily,
    I fully agreed with you abt Dr Oh…
    I happened to find her by chance.. cos her clinic is super near to my sister’s place..hee..N I m glad I found her!!

    1. Hi Mag,
      I dun mind to travel a bit further if the doctor is good.. haha! Thanks to you and Blue for recommending this PD to me.

  3. Hi Emily,
    u mean we can call to book for appt first for Dr Oh?
    What is the longest time that u’ve waited at Dr Oh’s clinic?
    I m gathering info so that we have know where to head to in case my son need to see a PD *crossed fingers*

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Yes, can call to make appt. I’ve been there 3 times. I never waited more than half an hour.

  4. hi..

    thanks for sharing.. i just wanna share too..
    dr zainal from rivervale plz.. they are good too..
    i love them as they always remember the child’s name which make us feel that our child is very important to them..

    BUT their operating hours is quite short only in the mornin till 1pm then evening time.. hehe.. not sure whats the operating hours for other PD too.. =)

    1. Hi Yixuan,
      Thanks for sharing. Rivervale Plaza is super near my place. I don’t even know there is a PD there.. haha!

  5. My boy has been seeing Dr Oh since the his first day to this world…

    She is always so friendly and cheerful and detailed…

  6. Hi,

    Check with u, did you give Edison Hep A vaccination ? this is the only jab that i haven taken for my girl, Just wondering if necessary? cos so far, not many frens i know bring their kids for Hep A. but it’s one of the optional. shoudl we??

    1. Hi Mico,
      Nope, I din bring Edison for Hep A… Dunno if its necessary, I myself also never take Hep A vaccination.. hehe!

  7. Hi Emily,

    ok thanks. now still thinking should i ? i mayself have taken Hep A though. the health magazine says, if children above 1 attend childcare, do outdoor activity, have foreign maid at home blah.. advisable to take..

    dunno also..

  8. Hi,

    Totally agree tat Dr Oh is fantastic! I recommend her to all my frens. Juz a note though that her name is Oh Meng Choo not Oh Meng Chin =)

  9. All mummies ..

    Agreed she is great and friendly…. and best of all her clinic is right below my BLK hehheehhee….

    WHen I delayed sendin my kids to see her for illness she will also comment “Y wait till now, u r so near… can JUMP down” hahaha…she is like a friend.

    1. Hi Li Hiang,
      Apart from her friendliness, she is patient, she gives good advice and she is able to calm us – worried parents. =)
      Her nurses are quite nice too, especially the older lady.

  10. Hi,
    I brought my bb boy to see Dr. Oh after seeing ur post, i called up one day before to book my apptment but when i reach there at 845am, already patients waiting and my nunber is 8. my bb had fever thus, i have to ask the nurse(the lady in spectacle) to give me priority as the other kids were there for vaccination. i find the clinic (first floor) very cramp, and the charges for first visit is $50 consultation. any idea if subsequent visit is lesser? cos i noticed another mummy she paid only $60 for all. cant be consultation $50. just curious la.i find Dr Oh ok la.. but not too fantastic le..better than GP of course as she is able to explain more, but the medicine she prescribe is exactly the same as GP.

    1. Hi Mico,
      I think they don’t accept phone appointment. Most of the time, I just walk-in. The waiting time is still acceptable as compared to the other PD that I’ve visited in Sengkang / AMK area.

      Yeah, first time consultation is $50 (I think this is standard price). Subsequent consultation within a week will be charged lesser, usually ~$20-30. Sometimes, she even waived it.

      Just few days ago, I brought Little Edison to see her. He had a cough that is worsening with phlegm and runny nose. He took the GP medicine for 4 days but still no improvement. After seeing Dr. Oh and took her presribed medicine for three days, his cough has stopped. My boy likes her too. Ever since we saw her the first time, we really like her a lot. Her nurses are very helpful too, and so far, we’ve been very impressed with the service that her clinic has provided. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi, I chanced upon your blog post and just wish to add on my comments. Had a very bad experience with Dr Oh. I must say she is very confident, but to the extent of being overly-confident and negligent. Anyway, my baby ended up in hospital. Will not be going back again.

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