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Photo Memory Basic Training Set

Spotted an interesting photographic memory basic training set in the Tensai shop, and I bought it instantly. Suitable for children from 2 years old and above, this training set contains 24 wooden cubes and one booklet of 100 pages. The wooden cubes are two-dimensional, with different colors and patterns (circle, square and cross). The booklet contains 100 different patterns.

For young children like Edison, they can begin by looking at the chosen pattern in the booklet and arranging the cubes according to the pattern. Once they are confident, they can progress to the next level by arranging the cubes after taking a quick look at the pattern in 10 seconds or less. They have to recall from their memory to make the cube arrangement.

Expansion set with additional cubes is available for sale too. I’ll add-on once Little Edison has mastered this basic set.

Photographic Memory Basic Training Set

Photographic memory basic training set, $26.00, from Shichida Tensai Shop.


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